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Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal

<b>Title:</b> Christmas Snow
<b>Pairing:</b> Jo/Meg
<b>Fandom:</b> Burst Angel
<b>Rating:</b> G

<lj-cut text="Christmas Snow">“What this white stuff?” Jo asks. Meg doesn’t believe what Jo said.

“Snow Jo where falling from the sky.” Meg start explains to her. “It snows during winter cover the city in it.” Meg realize she have a brain cramp. “Oh I forgot you never saw snow in your life.”

Jo watch the people scramble for shelter. “Snow where fall on ground and people just avoid it.”

“No, no Jo some others like playing the snow and making snowmen.”  Meg watching Jo and small blush crept on her cheeks.

“You’re cold Meg?” Jo is asking. “Here my jacket.”

“It not that just Jo I’m thinking that you are cute.” Meg tries hiding her expression. Jo is looking at Meg with clueless look.

Both Jo and Meg are seeing people shopping for some presents for love ones for Christmas. Meg felt so sadness.

“What wrong Meg? You seem upset.” Jo shows some concern.

“I wondering I can remember my family especially my mother.” Meg have downcast look.

Jo feels some sympathy for Meg because she can’t remember her own past.

“You have me that matter and we’re together isn’t the point.” Jo reassure to Meg.

“Thank you Jo for comfort I need it.” Meg is giving Jo a hug.

Jo feels a little uncomfortable before hugging Meg back.

“We should look a job to order paying our rent and we are in the red.” Say Meg.

Jo smile at her companion being back her old self.

<lj-cut text="Christmas Snow"/>

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<b>Title:</b> Remembrance
<b>Pairing:</b> Chikane/Himeko
<b>Fandom:</b> Kannazuki No Miko
<b>Rating:</b> G
<b>Disclaimer:<b> The characters of Himemiya Chikane and Kurusugawa Himeko doesn't belong to me they belong to their respect owners

<lj-cut text="Remebrance"> Himeko is getting ready for graduation and looking at the seashell on her desk. In her heart she is waiting for somebody but struggle with the vagueness of the person’s face.

For past two years she is having dreams of that person trying remembering what she look like. Her mind fills with sorrow of lost love and regret.

“Earth to Hime-chan the graduation ceremony starting in few days and we still need find out what college we’re attending.” Mako is calling Himeko.

“Oh I’m sorry Mako-chan I just spacing out again. I don’t know I feeling some nostalgia something in the past with someone I can’t remember.” Himeko felt a little frustrate.

“You have been this for past couple of months now and seeing my best friend depress like this.” Mako is sound concern for Himeko.

“Don’t worry about me Mako-chan; I am too busy with photography club on this semester to take a break.” Himeko is lying to her.

Mako is studying her to seem if she’s telling the truth. Himeko is having trouble with her problems than she is letting on.

“Come to me if you want talk about your problems okay.” Mako is getting Himeko some reassurance.

After the day when fast, Himeko is sitting by the tree out of habit even she giving some déjà vu feeling. This held some memory to her continue to struggle with and have sense of feeling remembrance.

She is thinking part of her imagination recalling a phony memory where she coping with. The other half is reminding her that including her heart that she’s waiting on somebody she lost due to fate.

Before she left Himeko is bump into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry Souma-kun bumping into you.” Himeko is apologizing toward him.

“Himeko I the one should apology to you. I can’t find you anywhere today and I starting worry about you. I hear from Mako that you are stare into space at times and seem distract by something.”

Souma is looking at her and used liking her but she rejected him on her sixteenth birthday now they are friends. Himeko was seemed trouble by something and as a friend he is going find out.

“Souma-kun there something is missing in my life. You do remember the time that I rejected I told you there somebody for me.” Himeko start fidgeting. “For past few months I sensing someone off there for me and I feeling this void in my heart won’t go until I find this person.”

Himeko is waiting for a reaction from Souma.

“Himeko I understand that you seem trouble about your problem and this person that you try remember in your mind and in your heart.” Souma is trying finding the words to express his concern for her.

“Himeko sometime I think you need listen to your heart.” Shouma is giving her some advice.

“I don’t know Souma-kun just my heart is crying out for that person.” Himeko is saying in low voice.

Later that night Himeko is dreaming about something. She found herself looking an old shrine on the moon.

“My memory is telling me something a past memory I can’t recall.” Himeko muse. She studying the shrine and felt a sharp in her heart. Then it beat faster and feeling unknown sadness rose within her.

“Why I am crying? This intense sadness I can’t control.” Memories flooding in from the past and recently uncover. She saw a tall blue-haired girl smiling at her then the same girl kissing her lips when she was unconscious, varied points of memories involving some unknown enemies, summering a god, emotional pain, and fighting and killing the blue-haired girl.

Varied emotions are flooding into Himeko at end of the dream where she woke crying middle of night experiencing very painful mixture with some positive ones.

She left her bed and looking at her photo book. For two years staring at the picture where somebody supposes being in them. Himeko still deny those memories she have experience in her dream but deep inside herself she knew those buried memories.

A few days pass before the graduation Himeko is staring the sky thinking that dream and surface memories. The void in her heart is still there.

“You are right Himeko-chan?  You still look out of it.” Mako is worrying for her friend. “You are seemed quiet and withdraw.”

“I am thinking about our future and we never seeing each other after tomorrow graduation.” Himeko is sounding a little sad.

“We still keep in touch with each other through E-mail and old-fashioned mail.” Mako is comforting Himeko. “I’m going attend school in Kyoto even it far away from here but we always be friends and I value our friendship.”

“Mako you are sound you’ll miss me and I’ll never forget being your friend. I cherish the time being with you.” Himeko is starting to cry.

“Don’t cry Himeko-chan we always be friends until the end.” Say Mako while choking with emotions. “We’ve been friends since junior high school. A little distance won’t kill our friendship just remembering me kiddo.”

Himeko is smiling at her best friend and momentary forgotten the recover memories.

“Thank you for being my friend, Mako-chan.”

The morning of the graduation Himeko is checking herself at the bathroom mirror with her haircut in sign she’s moving on.

“Himeko-chan what happened to your hair?” Souma is asking her.

“Oh Souma-kun I just need a new look for myself.” Himeko is replying.

“Well Himeko-chan this unlikely for you to do this beside the point. It looks weird on you.” Souma sound regretful.

“Don’t worry I’ll be okay Souma-kun and we keep in touch with each other. Thanks being there for me since childhood.” She gives him a light kiss on the forehead.

After receiving their diploma that day they start talking among each other.

“This is it hard saying goodbye Himeko-chan but this first step toward adulthood for us.” Mako is saying seriously. “I start chasing my dream today and surge forward to the future. You on the other hand find that person whom ever fills your unfulfilled heart.”

Souma was looking at Himeko when thinking about his own.

“Souma I have thinking I could taking a picture all three of for last time.” Himeko is suggesting her idea.

“That a great idea Himeko-chan.” Say Mako with some excitement. “So you could have an ever lasting memory about us.

Himeko is setting up the tripod and set the camera on automatic order flash.

“Memories it easy to form and easy to forget but remembering somebody in your heart that last for eternal.”  Himeko is thinking her innermost thoughts.

A year later: I going reunite my love now I part this world.

Himeko is walking down in the streets of Tokyo.

“I don’t know but I’m feeling something going happened to me today,”

When light change she start walking until she saw a familiar person wearing a seashell.

“You’re real Chikane? I hope this isn’t a dream.” Himeko sound fearful.

“No is it Himeko I am real to you I suffer couple of years separation from you. Now void in our hearts fill and you never be alone Himeko. I love you bottom of my heart.” Chikane says.

“I never again we being torn apart from you, Chikane thank you for closing the void within me.

Both Chikane and Himeko have found each other in new world. 

<lj-cut text="Remembrance"/>

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 <b>Title:</b> Tequila Sunrise
<b>Pairing:</b> Miss Spencer/Makoto
<b>Fandom:<b> Rumble Roses
<b>Rating:</b> R

<b>Disclaimer:</b> The characters of Muriel Spencer, Rebecca "Candy Cane" Welsh and Aihara Makoto doesn't belong to me they belong to Konami I just using their for entainment purpose

<lj-cut tex="Tequila Sunrise">Miss Spencer is waiting for Candy Cane outside a club.

“Miss Welsh told me about this address. I hope this is the right place.”  Miss Spencer is musing.

When she reaches at the door, the bouncer letting her with the others and gives subtle nod.

“I almost swear that the bouncer was look like a woman.” Miss Spencer starts wondering about the place.

The atmosphere fills with women dancing to each other some suggestively. She is thinking about lack of morals women display and shaking her head that they lacking decency and modestly.

After found a table to sit down and picking up a menu. One of the waitresses comes to Miss Spencer.

“I may take your order? This is your first time here?” The waitress sound cheerful toward Miss Spencer.

“I just need a glass of water.” The waitress’s eyebrow went up. “We don’t water serve here we either sell non-alcohol beverage or alcohol beverage.”

Miss Spencer looks surprise. “I could this one.” She point out her order.

“I may ask a question? Why so many women here?  Miss Spencer is asking quietly.

The waitress is looking Miss Spencer strangely. “No men allow in our club.”

Miss Spencer scans around the area to find Candy. “I want ask another question I’m at the right place?” Miss Spencer is asking nervously.

The waitress is smiling at Miss Spencer. “You’re at the right place the Lillian Palace.”

“As I thought tonight is ladies’ tonight I’m correct?” Miss Spencer is thinking about how the waitress response to her question.

“Well it is since this place where women being comfortable around each other without men harassing them.”

After the waitress left, Miss Spencer receives a drink from someone else.

“I didn’t order this. You must mistake me with someone else.” Miss Spencer is starting to protest.

“The lady over there was ordering for you. I wish my ex did it for me but no she cheated on me with my best friend.” The second waitress sound bitter and forget Miss Spencer was there.

“Oh excuse me I still upset about the break-up and arguing and sex after that even was wonderful but I never forgave Mandy what she done hurt me with Nicole…”

Waitress number two starting babbling about her therapist saying she’s too clingy and Miss Spencer finding her utterly and completely insane and move before she start her sob story.

“That poor woman her girlfriend cheating with her best friend…” Her brain register the words her girlfriend and then sudden realization that she was in a lesbian club.

“When I find Miss Welsh she’ll explain this why I’m this mess.” Miss Spencer is thinking the way getting out this place but she bump into somebody.

“Excuse I’m sorry for bumping into you.” Miss Spencer is apologizing to the woman.

“I glad I ran into you before you left.” Miss Spencer was seeing the woman as same height as her with brown hair and a sexy accent.”

“Nice to meet madam and is what your name?” Ask the mystery woman.

“Muriel Spencer and please let me pass so I can leave from this.” Miss Spencer sound angry.

“Since you told your name I’ll tell mine, Joan from Lyon, France. I like blondes like you.

Miss Spencer is starting feeling uncomfortable around Joan.

“I mistaken enter this establish this evening waiting for my ex-student of mine to come and seems she trick me.” Miss Spencer was trying her authority voice on Joan but it backfire.

“It sound sexy coming from you and I want to kiss you right now.” Joan is inching toward Miss Spencer.

A hand is touching one of Miss Spencer’s shoulders.

“She’s my girlfriend if you have a problem you going deal it with me.” Miss Spencer is recognizing the voice.

“Miss Welsh why take you so long to come here.” Miss Spencer sound furious.

Candy is wrapping her arm around Miss Spencer’s waist and staring at Joan.”

“I see you’re with her. I not go down without a fight.” Joan’s threat sounds nothing to Candy.

Candy is start passionately kissing Miss Spencer while feeling her up through her jacket.

Joan sees it as Candy continue making a scene in the club while Miss Spencer stun by Candy’s aggressive nature.

After few minutes of groping her way on Miss Spencer, Candy let her go.

“I guess she your girlfriend and she seem enjoying it. Excuse me I can find another blonde to flirt with.” Then she left.

“Miss Welsh what the meaning of this!” Say Miss Spencer angrily.

“I just save you from some psycho bitch bothering you.” Say Candy. “And oh I brought Makoto with me.”

“Well Miss Spencer I want show you this wonderful place and finding Judo Babe a girlfriend for her,” Say Candy nonchalantly.

Miss Spencer is looking at both Candy and Makoto and wondering the reason why Candy having her meeting this place.

“Hi Miss Spencer this is my first here I kind nervous in this kind environment and my parents’ reactions me coming out well…” Makoto is blushing.

“My mom fainted when she hear me being a lesbian and my dad sort accept me and my older brother Tetsu shook his head for unknown.”

Miss Spencer giving a sigh and pull her glass off thinking why she is here.

“And your being reason here Miss Welsh?” Miss Spencer is asking a question.

Candy is showing her teeth while smiling. “It a secret teach,”

After they found a table for three of them sitting down, Miss Spencer is eyeing Candy.

“Miss Spencer you need loosen up and stopping being uptight.” Say Candy. “Beside you need enjoying yourself once awhile.”

“Miss Welsh you know we are athletes now and shouldn’t drink alcohol we represent the Rumble Rose Federation at this moment.” Miss Spencer talking through Candy her lecture.

“Excuse Candy, Miss Spencer I just made 21 in this country and I don’t usually involving this activity but this one exception I make.” Makoto spoke her peace.

“Well you outvote 2 to 1 and I ordering some boozes.” Candy says.

“Miss Aihara I am disappointed in you for taking up Miss Welsh. You know you’re a good athlete and girls looking you as a role model.” Miss Spencer is talking to Makoto.

“Honestly I going drink in moderation anyway and I try forgetting an unrequited crush on someone.” Makoto confess her reason being in the club.

“Oh sorry Miss Aihara I never know you like somebody I just feel Miss Welsh try corrupts you.” Miss Spencer sound sympatric toward Makoto.

“How Miss Welsh found out about your sexually interest in women?” Miss Spencer asks.

“I ask advice for liking someone after our tag team match and Candy asking to describe the person and I told her.” Makoto turn feel embarrass. “Thinking she probably laughing at me but Candy actually told me her attractive toward women and she sexually experiences the girls at her former school.” Makoto blush even further.

“That too much information Miss Aihara and Miss Welsh tend bragged about things.” Miss Spencer is sighing for her former student brazen behavior.

“Well here is our drink.” Candy is announcing. “I got you Long Island Ice Tea Miss Spencer and here Makoto your drink I order something that you can handle.”

“What you have something for yourself, Miss Welsh?” Miss Spencer is asking Candy.

“Order myself some Tequila Sunrise with of dash of alcohol and top off with some Jack Daniel.” Say Candy.

Miss Spencer is almost coughing on her own drink. “That is crazy Miss Welsh!” Miss Spencer exclaim.

“I hope you won’t be drunk after tonight, Candy.” Makoto is sound concern.

“Don’t worry about me guys I used drinking alcohol beside not the main reason why I am here.” Candy replies to both of them.

“Miss Welsh I can’t understand you sometime. Maybe I have been too by book type all these years and maybe I need enjoy life some more.”

“That spirit Miss Spencer.” Candy gives Miss Spencer a pat on the back.

Miss Spencer start drink a little and coughing because she never use to drinking.

“Slow down Miss Spencer. I guess you haven’t a drink before.” Candy is about comment Miss Spencer’s drinking.

“Miss Spencer you are alright? You seem rushing your drink.” Makoto says.

“Sorry my body never use of alcohol in my system and I drank too fast.” Miss Spencer sound apologetic.

After a few drinks Miss Spencer starts getting a little tipsy. “That backstabbing bitch stole my college boyfriend and we were on the same wrestling team.” Miss Spencer angrily comment. “Ellen she also was my friend.”

“Uh Miss Spencer you have too much to drink we should leave and return to the hotel.” Makoto is start worrying about Miss Spencer.

“I wish Candy hasn’t left us.”

“Oh they are dancing y-you shouldn’t be uptight M-Miss Aihara and y-you n-need let loose.” Miss Spencer is slurring her words drunkenly.

“No wait Miss Spencer I feel uncomfortable in public you know I kind shy.” Makoto try plea to Miss Spencer.

Miss Spencer is dragging Makoto onto the dance floor and Heartbreak remix with Mariah Carey with Da Brat and Missy Elliott start playing.

Even Miss Spencer somewhat drunk (She still can’t dance) putting some moves and a reluctant Makoto taking the lead. The crowd start gathering and watch the two women dance while Miss Spencer groping Makoto blindly to her displeasure.

“I-I want cap this evening a kiss, M-Miss Aihara.” Miss Spencer inches toward Makoto’s face and Makoto feeling her breath on her face.

“Uh Miss Spencer this isn’t right.” Makoto try reasoning her. “You know what Miss Aihara you’re quite attractive for shy former Judo specialist turn wrestler.” Miss Spencer gives her a compliant.

“Uh thank I nobody told how attractive I was usually I told I was cute looking.” Makoto is blushing from the compliant.

Miss Spencer end up kissing her and also she slip her tongue in her mouth.

“Excuse Miss Aihara I feeling the need to throw up where is the bathroom?” Miss Spencer is heading toward the bathroom.

Makoto standing there face flushing and her first kiss involving French. “I-I share my first kiss with somebody slip their tongue into my mouth.” She starts screaming.

“Miss Aihara I’m sorry for my behavior tonight I wasn’t myself out there and I blame this on Miss Welsh and where she is at?” Miss Spencer is holding her head after drinking too much Long Island Ice Tea.

“Honestly this is my most fun I ever in long time.” Makoto say excitedly. “I hope I find Cindy tonight and talk about we did.”

“We should do this another time Miss Aihara it sound I asking on a date.” After few minutes of awkwardness Makoto replies back.

“Well the person I like that I told about to Candy earlier is you.” Makoto felt a less shy.

Miss Spencer is surprise to hear that she is object of Makoto’s crush.

“I am surprise to hear me being your crush.” Miss Spencer sound flatter. “At this moment I don’t know where take this.”

“Don’t worry I won’t force you to accept my feelings for you.” Makoto is reassuring to Miss Spencer.

When both went their respect hotel room, Candy emerges from her room.

“Good Makoto you the first take step to tell your feelings to Miss Spencer.” Candy says.

“Rebecca when you get back to bed?” Ask the mystery woman. “Joan I’m soon I catch my breath. I love your sexy accent.”

“You’re an animal in bed Rebecca.”  Joan purr and Candy jump back into bed.  

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 <b>Title:</b> Teddy Bear Love
<b>Fandom:</b> Rumble Roses
<b>Threesome:</b> Candy Cane/Aigle/Makoto
<b>Rating:</b> G

<lj-cut text="Teddy Bear Love">Makoto feel a little depress from hard fought lost against Aisha. She almost won the championship but at the end Aisha just beat her.

“What with the long face Judo Babe?” Candy is asking her. “Because you lost that stuck-up diva doesn’t mean you’re a loser.” Candy is giving Makoto some reassurance for her lost.

“Thanks for your concern but I feel try my best and still come up short. I need getter stronger to prove myself and I think I let everyone down.”

Aigle was coming along and hearing the conversation between the two.

“Aigle think Makoto very strong person and very kind.” Aigle say in her weird way.

“Aigle is right in her silly way. Forget about tonight lost.” Candy replies what Aigle just said.

“You are right guys I shouldn’t feeling down about a match.” Makoto is smiling toward both Candy and Aigle. “Thanks for helping me.”

<lj-cut text="Teddy Bear Love"/>

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<b>Title:</b> Vengeance Is My Name
<b>Fandom:</b> Kill Bill
<b>Rating:</b> Teen

<lj-cut text="These sentences about the Viper Squad>01-Step

Bill took five steps after Beatrix hitting him with Five Palm explosive technique and die


Beatrix feel enclose by casket she’s bury in; it felt nightmarish to her


She claw her way through buried earth order to escape from the casket


Vernita and Elle came in after Oren killing their main target; they just went in like horror gore movie


They’re paid assassins doing the job they suppose to do


Beatrix cover for Elle when one of Triad members came around the back trying shoot at Elle and Beatrix killing of them


Bill comparing Beatrix to Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent


Oren is reaching for broke glass and stabbing the guy in the throat


When Beatrix watching B.B she remind her innocence before tainted with blood and revenge


Beatrix told Bill indirectly the reason why she left the Viper Squad


Elle fooling one of target’s bodyguards in order to reach him


After finding she is pregnant, Beatrix want leave life as an assassin


During her training with Pai Mei, Beatrix trying best an old martial arts master but she way out of her league


When she became a mother, Vernita counting the days before Beatrix getting her revenge on her and her family


Bill is reading the Art of War during Viper break from taking jobs


Oren became Beatrix’ victim of vengeance making ironic that she took her revenge against yakuza in the past


Bill wield unspoken and charming power over the DIVAS including Beatrix the main reason why she fall in love with him


Beatrix trying live a new life with Chris by marrying and cut off her old one


Her past caught when Bill shows up at her wedding before the massacre


Bill felt his heart pierce after finding Beatrix alive and marrying another man


Doing her time of her training with Pai Mei she feeling humble to the old man and still need improve her technique


After waking up from coma Beatrix felt piss the way they killing everyone in church and putting her in a coma


When DIVAS form as a team they are unstoppable force


Beatrix felt unspeakable terror after her former comrades beating her to near death before Bill shot her through the head


Beatrix almost like having natural abilities in kenjutsu after training with Hanzo


Oren didn’t let everyone getting close to her before Bill introduce his protégé Sofia to them


When Bud felt Beatrix cheating on his brother Bill went she turn up alive he agree with the others to kill her


Everyone thought Beatrix dead was after the massacre; she came back vengeance on everyone


Elle facing a comatose Beatrix in the hospital room; she with kill her to getting favor of Bill’s love


Beatrix tries to sneak in Bud’s trailer to kill him silently but he actually outsmarting her


Bill watch B.B grow into a little girl with her features reminding him of Beatrix


Oren felt Sofia’s smooth skin while leaving bite marks on her body


Beatrix feeling the effect of morning sickness when Chris’s parents visiting them


Oren is daring Beatrix to fight the Crazy 88 in Blue Leaves


Oren gives an apology to Beatrix after doubting her honor and her worth as a samurai


Bill is last on her revenge list


Beatrix spent past four years in a coma before waking up


At peak at their relationship Bill was gentle toward her


Oren tasting on Sofia’s lips sucking on flavor of her lipstick


Down road Beatrix knowing Vernita’s daughter Nikkita trying get her vengeance against with help of Sofia counting down the peaceful days with her daughter B.B before circle of revenge continue


Beatrix watching Bill for final time before his death knowing their love ending when she left the DIVAS


Every woman dreamt the day they getting marry Beatrix is no exception


Vernita secure the parameter of the hotel so both Elle and Beatrix complete the assassination of a corrupt politician


Chris proposal to a pregnant Beatrix significance of her new life


She want divorce her former life by settling with Chris


Bill concentrating his time and energy to find Beatrix’ killer and murder the bastard


Beatrix was center of a beat down from the Viper Squad for her betrayal toward the group


Beatrix want live a normal not as an assassin


Thinking of time she heard Bill talking how sweet and innocence she was after finding her living in the streets


Beatrix holding to her life at time seems lost but hatred and strong desire of revenge for her unborn kid got her out her coma and way bloody rampage of vengeance

<lj-cut text="These sentences about the Viper Squad"/> 

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 <b>Fandom:</b> Rumble Roses
<b>Title:</b> Leaves and Bunnies
<b>Pairing:</b> Miss Spencer/Becky
<b>Rating:</b> G
<b>Disclaimer:</b> The characters of Miss Spencer and Becky doesn't belong to me they are belong to Konami

<lj-cut text="Leaves and Bunnies">
leaves that symbolize of changes. Since entering the Rumble Rose tournament few years back getting her wayward student Rebecca Walsh aka Candy Cane and brought her back to school.

Now after Candy Cane take her life around and graduate from high school she grew closer to her former teacher.

“Ms. Spencer you have been watching those leaves over past hour time take a rest.” Say Becky cheerfully. “Now I wrestle full-time with you and thanks to you preventing me becoming a delinquent or worse dead.” She gives a great big hug.

“Ms. Walsh I quite grateful for your appreciation for gratitude of your turnaround.” Ms. Spencer was in midst of memory.

“So what you’re thinking about?” Becky asks innocently.

Ms. Spencer closes her eyes of remembering each time how she had hand of transformation one Rebecca Walsh the former rebel.

“These times I can remember you were troublesome and trying keep you from cutting class. Also you disappear days in but I never give up you’re too precious to me my former student.”

Ms. Spencer gently kisses her on lips and watches more leaves falling down.

Becky looks up to her and smiles at the sentimental speech from Ms. Spencer.

Ms. Spencer stares at Becky and grows in love with her at snail pace and look at the young woman fondly with no regret.

“This is peaceful taking a break from wrestling, Ms. Spencer with no worries from the world. I wish this last forever.” Say Becky blissfully.

Ms. Spencer give a sigh reminding her childhood at her family farm when her parents struggling to keep the farm.

“I like enjoy the same wish with you but not everything last forever. I still love you all my being Rebecca I can’t promise you nothing but happiness.”

She is playing Becky’s hair and wondering about the future. Even their relationship is positive Ms. Spencer have some uncertainly thoughts on matter which weighting heavily in her mind.

“Ms. Walsh I enjoy your company today and I can’t express the words in my head at least I like our little picnic today. Wonderful time we do have joy for.”

Becky watches Ms. Spencer picking up the blanket from ground and folding it.

“I’m glad I with you, Ms. Spencer. Leaves watching is an interesting idea from you.”

Ms. Spencer is looking back at the tree in late autumn weather before winter claim is icy grip and reborn of spring the leaves represent her transform from teacher to wrestling superstar in few short years.

Also representing Becky transform from student verge of dropping out to respectable young lady that Ms. Spencer is proud of.

The leaves finally shed it last leaves until the next spring. 

<lj-cut text="Leaves and Bunnies"/>

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 <b>Title:</b> Vampire's Kiss
<b>Pairing:</b> Chie/Aoi, Shizuru/Natsuki
<b>Rating:</b> PG-13 for now
<b>Warning:</b> Violence, Mild Language, Shoujo-ai, AU, OOC

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<lj-cut text="Vampire's Kiss">A cold air whip around my face while feeding on my hunger. There I sink my teeth into my victim drinking his blood to satisfy the bloodlust within me.

I am the huntress of the night feeding souls to quench insatiable desire of blood. This is the true me whom sweet taste of ecstasy rise every moment of this time of night.

I don’t want anybody find out real me especially her she will think I some kind of monster. I drank enough blood without killing him. His body making noises while I dragging his body.

The police are searching for victims I hidden around the Fuka area because they think there a killer out there but the truth I do it for survival.

My cell phone is ringing while I curse silently. “Moshi, Moshi? Oh hi Yuuki-san where I’m at? I try thinking an excuse. “I’m at the downtown area looking for some books for geometry class for tomorrow,” I hope she brought my excuse. “Aoi I don’t think I am buying your crap.”

My heart is racing she know my secret being a vampire. What if she calls a vampire hunter to track me down and ending my existence? The fear within me is taking over while holding on the phone tightly.

“Your girlfriend is worry about you and keep bugging me for to call you,” I hear Yuuki-san give a sigh out of annoyance for being bother.

“Whatever Aoi, I will tell her that you’re looking for some damn books this time of night.” She clicks at the other end of the phone.

I am breathing sigh of relief for my secret didn’t come out. Chie is probably worried about me. I can’t keep this charade forever sooner of later she even find out or the hunters going catch me and kill me.

I have cover my tracks before everyone find the body and report to the police.  I simply return back to the dormitory and lay low until morning comes.

The next day while I recovering from last night hunt, Chie was staring at me with Mai-chan and Tate-kun have look of concern.

“Aoi-chan I know isn’t like you being out of late at night but it happens frequently for past month and we are worry that you may have problem talk to us.”

 Mai-chan is very kind and very selfless person whom you could call a true friend but I don’t want her involving this and Chie-chan because they want information about me and they never hesitate hurting others or digging up some horrifying secrets.

“Oh nothing I just need some fresh air for my insomnia sometime.” I put on my cheerful persona to fool them.

“Aoi-san I don’t usually indulge in others’ problems but Tohika-san and Harada-san are worrying about you and lately you’re sleeping through math class and falling behind in your school work.” This is unusual for him talking and worry for somebody else beside Mai-chan and Shiho-chan. I wonder if Tate-kun and Mai-chan have thing for each other.

“Aoi-chan, Yuuki-san told me you were finding some books for geometry last night and she said you sound a little hoarse and as you were lying.”

Crap! I should sound a little more convincing and I still a mist of the thrill. I tempt to use my powers but I won’t because I don’t want turn in like in the others who lost in their powers.

“I got my own reasons go out to find some books for schoolwork.” I try sound convincing to ease their doubts. I’m looks at their faces if they think I am telling the truth.

“Aoi-chan maybe isn’t lying.” Mai-chan comes to conclusion maybe I told the truth.

After the sun went down I went on my nightly hunt. As I move at speed of sound, using my ears picking a sound of someone start pulling the trigger. The fool wanting play the hero but over hundred of years I’ve been killing his kind for their foolish.

Even in the dark I can smelt him, seeing him and sensing the fear gripping within him as I giving a predatory smirk signaling his doom.
His hands are shaking as he regains some useless courage shooting a couple of shots at me I just walk toward the moron ready to stuff his life forever.

He isn’t worth to drink the blood from; a pathetic insect could put up a better fight than this. After I ripping his throat out watching his miserable existence slowly drain away, I ponder about the vampire hunters of today won’t take this clown seriously.

I’m resuming my hunt of the night I sensing someone following me and the way I can tell that this one a professional. Sometime I need a challenge once a while. I felt the person heart’s racing as in excitement and having killer instinct.

She’s standing right there with cool and calculated expression with murderous red eyes and calm and elegant look.

“Hello there you seem type who fools people thinking that you’re a sweet innocent girl but in reality you’re a vicious predator hunt people as food I am correct?”

I kind admit that she kind attractive and have accent kind sexy but also she kind person will kill you in instant.

“What is your name? So I personally stuff your life.” I hope this tactic work so I just bait her into attacking me first.

She closes her eyes and looks so elegant too bad she won’t make to the next day.

“Before I tell my name before I escort you to hell tell yours.”

I don’t know about this woman but she getting off a dangerous vibe and I may all my powers against her.

“My name is Senoh Aoi so you could remember before die in mine hands.” I prepare fighting to the bitter end and drag her down to hell with me.

“Oh that is a cute little name for cute little girl. For answering your question about my name, Fujino Shizuru so you can remember it during your screams of your death.”

I saw gleam of mental of her left side and look like a throwing knife it too amateurish for her. I easily evade her poor attacks and non-professional tactics.

As I keep dodging the knives from her, suddenly I felt cold. Then I realize I got shot and seeing my own blood seething through on my right arm. It was a perfect distraction.

“You got her good Natsuki. Now ending this miserable creature life too bad she was cute but a vampire is a vampire.” As I saw the blue-haired woman pointing the gun at my temple and seeing my life flashes before my eyes as I too weaken to fight back against those two vampire hunters.

While I resign my fate something happen the blue-haired woman called Natsuki made a face and her partner told about the orders they receive it change.

“What you do mean we are hunting the wrong vampire? That bullshit! Shizuru the reason we’re here because some vampire killing people around the Fuka area. She maybe the culprit is killing people six people over past month.”
“I know your hatred of vampires and they the ones whom kill your family since you were a little girl but we got orders from headquarters to pull out and regroup.”

Even still I barely held on consciousness I am seeing them arguing and Natsuki reluctantly give up and Shizuru whispering something in her ear causing her to blush.

“You are lucky girl my boss orders us to move but next time I won’t hesitate to pull trigger of my gun.”

After the two left I try my vampire healing but I can’t heal from this wound. Crap! She shot me with a sliver bullet and it deadly to us. I am slowly blacking out from the pain as I was thinking about everyone including Chie. Her boyish charms I’m think the most and having visions of her in my head with her smile, her looks and her touch.

“Please forgave me Chie that I didn’t being honest about myself.”

As I embrace death.

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<b>Title:</b> Moonlight Dance
<b>Pairing:</B> Candy Cane/Makoto
<b>Fandom:</b> Rumble Roses
<b>Rating:</b> Mature
<b>Word Count:</b> 297

<lj-cut text="They share night of passion">At moonless night where two figure danced to game love and lust.

The kiss is filling with passion, with yarning, souls crying to each other. The figure on top have predatory grin on her and start teasing her partner.

She then use her hands one of her lover’s mounds. To play with them, feeling them, and cupping them. It gives her a small sigh.

She start giving small kisses on them, tasting the essence from it. The person is looking at her lover longingly and closing her eyes feeling the sensation.

Lust fill her eyes when she pinning her girlfriend’s arms to the sides and continue to sucking on her breasts.

A bright idea came to her and decide release her arms. She cut off the lights and her lover was puzzle by her decision.

Suddenly her eyes were cover by blindfold. “Don’t worry anything be okay,” She gave her some reassurance. “Now I want you stay still for moment,”

She resumes to kissing her and start massaging her breasts utilizing her touch getting her sense of her touch.

The sensation upon again felt her lover’s body and quivering by the excitement of it.

After another lust-filled kiss, she continuing to please her and teasing unmercifully. “Please keep going,” She beg for more.

She alternate playing her breasts and playing her nipples. At point she did response to her lover’s touch.

They look at the other’s eyes and seeing depth of trust within them. A soulful kiss shares by the two seal the deal.

“Thanks Candy for the night I’m gratitude for spending the time with you,” Said Makoto.

“No problem Makoto next time you be a little more aggressive and stop little passive during sex,” Said Candy Cane

Both of them sink into slumber for the night.

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<b>Title</b>: Don't bet on it
<b>Fandom:</b> Tekken
<b>Genre:</b> Humor

<lj-cut text="Sometime you better not betting">Jin walking on the school ground with standard Mishima High girls’ uniform after he lost a bet to Xiaoyu. “This is very stupid. Why the blue hell I agree with this,”

“Kazama-kun I feel sorry for you wearing that,” Comment Nobu one of his classmate. “Kazama is your fault for letting your pride getting the way of your personal judgment,” Said Megumi. Add to his personal humiliation the whole school watch him in sailor fuku doesn’t right on him (Some students took pictures on him with their cell phones.)

“Oh is very kawaii,” Comment Miharu. “Jin-chan is looking so feminine in that uniform,” Said Xiaoyu with hint of mischief. Jin wondering himself why agree this idiotic bet (Added his usual hair braided and pink thong riding on his ass.)

Let’s go back the day when Jin minding his own emo business and angst about why need his revenge against the Ogre but save that for another story. It was a sunny day, the birds singing their song, Xiaoyu hiding in the trash can. Jin thinking why she hiding in the trash can like person who brain went a personal two week vacation. He starts watching the sakura leaves falling and angst being him. “Jin! I want be your friend and save from your personal loneliness,” He like being anti-social and friend isn’t in his vocabulary. “What you want Xiaoyu?”

She hand him a bento personally made by her even have drawings of cute bunnies and panda bears. Jin stares at the bento and at Xiaoyu pondering wherever ditch her and run into the art room. He decides to resign his fate. “Um thanks Xiao,” She have stars on her eyes like a shoujo manga heroine. “Oh thank you for accept for lunch I made for you,”

After she left Jin want do a happy dance but be out of character for him. Jin heading for next class for the teacher in the class hating his guts because he grandson of Mishima Heihachi and she doesn’t likes guys whom hair breaking every law of physics. Jin seating in his assign seat and in horror that Xiaoyu was same class as he is.

“Oh great that nutty girl class same as me,” Jin look straight ahead at the board and just imagine a peaceful time in his life where he and Jun living in the woods without the insanity and fangirling by the collective female student body (And couple of guys.) No worries, no crazy Chinese girl, no moody days just him and the woods and then an eraser flying toward him and reflectively catching the eraser. Koriotome-sensei really hates Jin now.

“That is so cool! The way you caught the eraser like a superhero, blah, blah…” Jin tune out the utter craziness of way the girls leveling him some bishounen type hero almost every female otaku wish was real. The one solitude he found is sitting with his “friends” Nobu, Megumi, and Tai. “I-I can’t take it anymore! I want be alone,” Jin airing his frustrations. “I doubt it. They have “Kazama Jin is so sexy” Club in the school,” Jin is staring at Nobu and thinking about hitting his head repeatedly against the tree. “Kazama-kun just ignore him. Anyway tell Xiaoyu-kohei you won’t be bothering you and she’ll understand,” Megumi start to examine the bento. “It little childish and she seem a great cook,”

After Jin left, Nobu, Megumi, and Tai wonder how Xiaoyu react. “I kind worry that she’s the sensitive type.”
“Don’ worry she be all right and Xiao understand that Jin felt enclose by all attention he receiving,”

“I guess he can handle it. I hope you isn’t jealous because you used have feelings for him,” Comment Nobu offhand. “What you mean!!” Megumi surround by flames. Nobu is straining to control his bowl movements. “Mommy!”

Jin walk toward Xiaoyu and thinking what to say. Xiaoyu look up to Jin and smile at him. “Xiaoyu don’t bother me evermore,” Xiaoyu look shock. “J-Jin I don’t mean too…” Jin have disinterest look. “Never used the attention heap upon me,” She pout. “Also you annoying the hell of me,” Xiaoyu continue to stare at Jin. “I understand you try befriending me but I have my own problems to worry about,” Xiaoyu look at Jin one more time. “I sorry but I try help you,” He left her.

Xiaoyu look on ground and feeling depress. “Xiao-chan don’t worry he never used everyone paid attention to him,” Said Miharu with some reassure. “He was harsh toward me. I understand he can be moody at times but Jin was angry at me,” Xiaoyu is sighing. “I like be his friend and he only push the person that could help him.” Her mood felt downcast. “You could show him what fool he really is. Embarrass him and hurt his pride,”

“Michiru what is you’re suggesting?” Ask Xiaoyu inquiringly. “A bet of your choosing,” Xiaoyu is thinking for the moment. “I’ll do it!” Said Xiaoyu will some enthusiasm.

Jin is sitting on the bench thinking what he doing the right thing telling Xiaoyu that she smothering him. Xiaoyu sit next to Jin. He has irritate expression. “Okay Jin I want have a bet,” This pique his interest. “A bet you said,” Jin is studying her face. “Okay Ling what the bet?”

“I am not telling you Jin. You won’t find out until later on Jin,” He was stoking his chin with some concern. “When and where?” “At the arcade Saturday so don’t be late,”

What is unusual sight. Jin is smiling. This is few times in his life where he cracks a smile. Megumi, Tai, and Nobu stares at him if like the author hijack his usual personality. “Why you are smiling Jin? This unsettling even for you,” Ask Megumi “I finally go to ridding Xiaoyu out of my hair. I tell you that she kind some stalker-type trailing my every move,” Both Nobu and Tai have empathy understanding. “I and Xiaoyu have a bet I don’t know of but if I win she probably stop harassing me for while,” Megumi massaging her head and utter some unladylike words.

“You don’t know the hell you betting for!” Jin has a sheepish look. “Dear kami-sama you are truly an idiot.” Nobu and Tai are frightened by Megumi. “You let your damn ego butchering your common sense as you been raise in the woods,” Megumi sound piss. “Actually I have been raise in the woods for the first fifteen years of my-“

“It not the point you are blinded by your pride and now you dig yourself an hole you can’t even escape from,” Megumi finish her rant. “I think won’t be her bad side,” Comment Nobu.

Saturday is where otaku their usual ritual of shopping for some doujin, manga, and butt load of anime stuff. Jin walks into the arcade room with bunch of gamers playing the current hot games in Japan. There some students from Mishima High came watch Jin play against hyperactive Chinese school girl, Xiaoyu Ling. Jin scan the game room and figure he probably play some fighting games even he don’t how to play there. Both Nobu and Tai teaching him each day after school the fundamentals of gaming (Jin doesn’t understand what they saying of the video game jargon) Jin is sure of himself almost of point of overconfident.

Xiaoyu came in the arcade with Michiru, Miharu and some another girls. She has a wide grin on her face. “So you didn’t chicken out? It would hurt your masculine pride by being show up to a girl,” Xiaoyu taunted toward him. He looked at her with some lack of interest and ignores her. “What we are playing? So I want get over it,” Xiaoyu point one of the walls in the back. “DDR Jin,” Kazama Jin once in his life the elements of surprise caught him flatfooted. “Dance Dance Revolution? She got be kidding!” The girls have a conference as if they discussing yaoi fetish of the week.

“What are you discussing about?” Jin is asking to Xiaoyu. “I won’t tell you Jin,” They step onto the podium and pick they respect difficulty (Xiaoyu pick a song) Jin knows dancing kind like martial arts with the fluidity and balance to order achieve this with precise timing and with good feet or you’ll fall flat on your ass.

Jin follows the arrows on his side of the screen and at first he keeping pace with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu on the other effortlessly keep with the franatic pace of the arrows on extreme mode and chains with perfects.

Jin tries his hardest not made a fool of himself but he realize Xiaoyu is expert on DDR. Jin starts modifying his steps with Mishima-ryu style karate. He still far behind her and start missing arrows. The battle of epic potions (In sense) almost came to end when Jin lost his balance and fell on his butt. “I guess I won the bet,” Say Xiaoyu confidently.

Jin stand up the only thing hurting is his pride. “Xiaoyu I congratulate being better person. You was good-“Jin stop himself short and knows he isn’t good with flattery because he simply too brutally honest. “I accept defeat and whatever the bet is I agree with it,”

Xiaoyu is grinning from ear to ear. “The girls and I decide terms of the bet and is involves the girls’ school uniform and you must wear all day Monday.” Jin, Nobu, and Tai look absolutely shock. “You be fucking kidding with me, Xiaoyu!” Xiaoyu is shaking her head. “That we came up with and now you agree with it,” Jin want curse himself out. “Lucky Megumi didn’t came or she would chew him off for being a moron,”

On Monday morning before dawn Xiaoyu with Miharu and Michiru went toward his room and dress him. “Xiaoyu I looking so damn ridicule in this uniform.” Jin ranted. “You lost and accept the fact you were pwned,” Comment Michiru. “I thinking you look cute in a sailor fuku,”

“Not you too Miharu,” Jin felt so humiliate even before leave for the door.

The four rode in the limo (The limo driver look Jin strangely) they enter the school. Later the day after everybody watches Jin in the girls’ uniform and gawking at him, he enters the classroom. “Kazama-kun what the world you wearing a girl’s uniform?”

“It little complicate sir,” Say Jin respectfully. The teacher resumes the lesson. Later that day during lunch Jin, Nobu, Tai, and Megumi were talking. “Kazama-kun you should feel like a fool for accepting this bet and you has this coming,” Jin just staring at her. “You are kind little harsh on him, Meg-chan.” Megumi cringe at the honorific by Nobu. “Never mind Kazama-kun next time think with your brain not your damn pride,”

“It not too bad you’re halfway done and tomorrow going be back to normal,” Comment Tai optimistically. “Right that going to happened,”

“Jin-kun it possibly Xiaoyu likes you and it her way get attention toward you,”

“She join line with those crazy fangirls,” Nobu is thinking what to say next. “Nobu I understand your way of thinking but she a bit hyper and annoying but also she cares for me at point of smothering,” Comment Jin while trying pull down the short fuku (Jin added a mental point to kill Miharu for suggesting the pink thong).

Jin is back at the mansion after at staring, gawking, and some Kazama Jin is so sexy club members took some pictures of him for some stupid contest and finally Megumi’s lecture of being levelheaded even accept bets involving cross-dressing and school uniforms. He about take the uniform off at last moment he saw himself in the mirror.

Even he look ridiculous in the standard Mishima High girl’s uniform Jin pull off cross-dressing well almost but not the point Jin could get in touch with his feminine side and not androgynous enough being those bishie look like girls but they actually guys in shoujo manga. Honestly he too muscular to enable dress like girl. Mishima Heihachi few things in life surprise him. This is one of them. “Um grandfather this isn’t what you think,” Heihachi still stare at Jin. “I lost bet to Xiaoyu and I have wear this uniform for day,” Jin is blushing like an idiot.

Heihachi went and out didn’t say anything. “I want back to the helicopter,” Say Heihachi. “We just got back from America,”

 “Refuel and set this to France,”

“Um sir what is the reason?” Ask the pilot  “Find the cheapest wine so I get drunk on,” Heihachi is massaging his head and thinking the Mishima-Kazama clan is more fuck up than ever.

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<b>Title</b>:Ending of a Rivalry
<b>Rating</b>: Bonderline M

<lj-cut text="50 ways Kitana and Milennia trying end their rivalry once for all">


To Kitana and Milennia the only way ending their rivalry is either one or the other being dead


“I going break that damn smile off your face,” Milennia threatened Jade after she laughing at her


Milennia wish Kitana would be gone so Shao Kahn paying attention to her


Kitana felt some raindrops on her face; that the gods in Edenia is mourning for their lost children


While the Earth realm was temporary under Outworld rule, Kitana cross used be the Pacific Ocean order flee from her would be assassins


Everyone in the armory felt tension in the air when both Kitana and Milennia pick up the weapons; somebody going to get hurt today


“Sooner I rid that bitch Kitana, the better the chance I have the approve of father,” Milennia was scheming


Milennia tried figure out Shao Kahn so interest in Kitana


Outworld don’t have a winter due several merges of different realms, Kitana feel the coldness when she, Jade and Milennia practicing their fighting styles.


When Milennia kick Kitana to the throne, Kitana active the trap door and Milennia fell


Anger radiant from the two, intensity of storm jealousy, hatred, vengeance causing this fight being personal


Kitana opening the throne room’s door to see Shao Kahn


A brief flash from her sai; Milennia kill her target by stabbing her on the neck where the jugular vein is at


Milennia was spying her “twin” waiting for someone and raise her suspicion


Milennia worship Shao Kahn so much almost point of fanaticism


Under dark night both Kitana and Milennia fought; Kitana end up killing her.


Kitana, Johnny, Sonya, Kung Lao, and Jax losing their lives against the Dark Alliance and Tarkatan Militia


Milennia is taunting Sindel by pretending be Kitana


Shao Kahn is the one whom took over her realm, causing Sindel commit suicide, and keeping trying to seduce her, Kitana truly distastes him.


The road through hell both figuratively and literally for Milennia means kill Kitana


Kitana was crying the day Sindel took her own life with her own hands


Milennia’s jealousy of Kitana blinding her due fact Kahn doesn’t give a damn about her existence


Both Kitana and Milennia have uneasy truce due a greater evil influence the current events


Kitana left Outworld because she’s dangerous to Kahn’s plans to conquer of the Earth realm


They keeping hitting each other and mix in brutality and true hatred surprisingly they still standing


At the climax of their fight on pyramid, they fought back and forth with relentless ferocity and utter distaste; someone will take the other life


All the assassinations they perform all these years usually Milennia sadistically sending victims to the afterlife.


Kitana don’t know that Milennia was her clone until much later on.


Kitana keep digging her true past until one day she restore her home realm


Milennia saw her crimson blood floating freely from her; Kitana stabbed her with her own weapon


Kitana feeling chill of her bones when Raiden told them Liu Kang’s death.


Doing their sparring match, Milennia fell Kitana’s feint and punish her with a combo


At clock tower Kitana fought Milennia to standstill


Kitana was remembering Sindel’s words in her heart.


The speed of Kitana’s steel fans slice open one of Tarkatan stomach let out it intestines causing him to death from the gore


The third time in month Milennia threatened taking Jade’s life because she and Kitana scold by Kahn due their bickering.


In her castle, Kitana felt home upon again after thanking the Earth Forces for freeing her realms


The Dragon King has Milennia impersonate Kitana order fool the Edenian army into a trap.


She watches the reddish-black of Outworld and thinks about her sister Milennia acting cold toward her


Kitana is secretly working with a resistance group making up of whom realms were conquered by Kahn


The revelation that Milennia isn’t her sister but her clone and also her memories were not real; Kitana don’t believe it


No such thing fair during a fight; Milennia found the horrible truth when Kitana stab her in the heart


Kitana felt tightness in her throat when Quan Chi taunting her before her life was stuff off


Milennia try undercut Kitana by sweeping but she block it


Kitana was feeling okay after a blow to the head from Milennia


“Milennia is token angry, jealous bitch…” Jade comment to Kitana


In spite being Kitana’s clone, Milennia still have those ugly-ass teeth as her


By being Kitana, Milennia using her disguise to setting up everyone into ambush


Milennia intentionally threw her drink at Kitana because she still sore for Kitana one up her today


Finally Kitana sending Milennia to Netherrealm second time permanently

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<b>Title</b> Brushy Eye Blue Demon and Forehead Girl
<b>Rating</b> Borderline M
<b>Warning</b> Character Death

<lj-cut text="This oddest couple you ever met">


Lee felt the coolness of the air on his hands


“Lee-baka! You own me some apples,” Sakura was screaming at Lee after  using apples as weights


The beginning Sakura felt a slight toward Lee after her training with Tsunade


Sakura found one of Shino’s bugs in her hair after a mission


Lee can’t figure why she like drinking coffee


Lee kept practice his taijustsu into the night


The gripping fear washes over Sakura’s face when she saw Itachi defeat Lee easily


Lee opening the door for Sakura even she insist she don’t want him to do it


After he drank some sake, Sakura wonders how the hell he learn the Sakejustsu


They realize their duty leading them to death


Lee sat on ground and thinking what to said to Sakura


At the end shinobi only use as a tool and put their lives above anything else, both Lee and Sakura learnt the hard way…


Sakura wearing her kimono for autumn festival


Lee’s passionate is driving Sakura crazy but she won’t admit she like this kind of fire


“You think I’m that flexible!” Sakura going gave Lee ten times worth of pain than Gaara giving to him during the Chuunin exams


“I don’t need your protection you hyperactive moron,” She launching him with her punch dub “Sakura Punch” and Neji just look on


“I apprentice your help but this a bit too much,” She saw a year worth of food


As a mednin she examining his feet for any injuries


Lee look at the memorial epitaph for Gai-sensei’s name


Lee’s ninja uniform was green and it remind him of Gai


Sakura was worry about Lee after he injured his head during a mission


His soul felt empty for long time after Gai-sensei’s death, he’s both a mentor and father figure to Lee


A ninja’s honor is more important than his or her life, Sakura fought viciously against a horde of ninjas to protect Lee


Sakura hopes that Lee isn’t dead during one of his missions


The daylight shines thoroughly Sakura’s bedroom


She felt lost when Tenten came back one of their missions telling the bad news


With a kunai on her, Sakura promise be Lee’s avenger


Sakura brought some new jeans for Lee’s birthday


Lee stare old picture of Team Gai


He watches her sleeping peacefully after making love for the first time


Sakura start crying fanatically when Lee poison by rival ninja


Lee admit she was pretty when they first met during the Chuunin examine


The rain brought painful memories for Lee especially the anniversary of Gai’s death


Sakura regret not telling Lee her feelings toward him and now he was gone forever


Lee buying some blue roses from Ino’s flower shop


“You love Lee? I won’t tell him,” Tenten promise Sakura she keep that a secret


Sakura found out Lee really hate snakes


One of few times Lee act a normal kid when it snow


For brief moment Lee felt Gai’s ghost and telling him he still proud of Lee


Lee read some bad poetry to Sakura about the season of spring


It took a few nights to stabilize Lee from his injuries when Team Gai returns with a fail mission


“It just strange when Sakura keep stuffing her bra,” That was Naruto’s near famous last word before Sakura attempt to kill him


Lee nearly has a nosebleed he saw Sakura in a bikini (As long Jiraiya-sama isn’t around the area)


“Don’t talk about Gai-sensei around Lee,” Tenten scolding at Neji


Sakura admit Lee don’t have any fashion sense she saw that god awful jacket he wore


Enviable when they became ninjas someday it going wars they have to fight


“Geez next time don’t overdo yourself Lee,” She handed him a glass of water


She having a welcoming party for her apartment


The wintry chill felt through their bones during the mission


Lee destroyed a wooden training dummy with his impressive taijustu

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<b>Title:</b> Having  Fan Club So Overrate
<b>Pairing:</b> Chie/Aoi
<b>Rating:</b> Teen

<lj-cut text="Sometime having fan club isn't a good thing">“Harada-sempai you will help me with this,” Ask a young lady. “Sure Hanako-san I help your project,” Chie study the pictures and seeing Hanako corner of her eye. “You sure look pretty today. I bet you guys falling all over you.” She gives a sly grin. “You got talent and good eye for detail,”

“T-Thank you Harada-sempai for looking over it,” Hanako is blushing from Chie’s gaze. “I should be going now,” Then she left.

After both Chie and Aoi enter college last year, Chie become popular with the ladies at Fuka University. Even have her own fan club and guys asking her some advice how to attract women as they think her as their personal inspiration for confidence.

“Chie-chan you’re not busy with anything at the moment?” Ask Aoi. Chie is smiling at her girlfriend and be please being with her. “No I just finish helping one of my juniors at Student Newspaper,”

Chie seeing her with a picnic basket and grinning like an idiot. “I see we are going have a picnic on this beautiful day,”

They went to the park and sat by the pond. “Chie-chan you’re enjoying yourself today.” Chie is too busy stuffing her face. “What you did say?” Ask Chie between bites. “Chie-chan you’d appreciate my cooking and the recipe from Mai-chan I done from scratch is hard made,” Aoi gave a cute pout.

Chie is laughing at her girlfriend. “Geez you think I won’t be grateful for loving you, Aoi.” Chie was giving Aoi an intimate kiss. “Like I knew you since junior high school when you was shy and kind-hearted girl I befriend with,”

Aoi is kissing her back. “Also you probably fall for my boyish charm and looks.” Aoi gave “Don’t be too full of yourself” look. “Oh I’ll punish you tonight, Chie.” Chie was smiling like person whom won the lottery.

After late afternoon class, Chie is preparing for evening studying at their apartment. Hanako came to her. “Um Harada-sempai I heard some rumors about you and Senou-san from your fan club,” Hanako was curious. Chie remembering the rumors went she was in high school as the gossip queen.

“Oh that true about us. We’re a couple dating since high school.” Chie is stating the fact.

“Harada-sempai I thought you know single and the way quarter the female student population fawning over you,” Hanako sound disappoint. “Well I tend to flirt but I’m extremely faithful to my girlfriend.” Chie sound a little serious.

“Oh I guess I don’t stand a chance against Senou-san.” Hanako felt a little deject. “I really like you and I hope you notice me in the student newspaper.” She is about to kiss Chie but she stopping her. “I understand your feelings kiddo but this Romeo is taken. I said earlier you’re pretty and guys are fighting over you,” Chie left Hanako.

“Another fan-girl I have turn down and this rate Aoi will flip and being more jealous the attention I’m recieving,”

Chie was thinking about the prospect of Aoi fighting off some club members for her girlfriend’s attention.

When Chie is entering their apartment she takes off her jacket and start raiding the fridge. “Chie I didn’t hear you came in,” Aoi say after leaving from the bathroom. “Oh I just got in over few minutes ago, Aoi.”

“Why you’re getting food from the refrigerator after we have a picnic?” Aoi is questioning her.

“I can’t study on an empty stomach you know. Beside you are a great cook Senou-san.”

“Don’t sweet talk me Harada-san. You won’t get any tonight.” Aoi is playfully teasing. “Oh Aoi-chan I am hurt by accusing me flirting with this most beautiful person on the planet,” Chie said mockingly.

Chie and Aoi start kissing slowly intensify at point which Aoi unbuttoning her shirt. “I guess you’re in the mood tonight.”

“Be quiet Chie-chan or I shall punish you,” Aoi said fiercely. “Oh my ecchi tenshi (Perverted Angel) I like the way you talk.”

Before Chie undo Aoi’s towel, the phone ring and ruining the mood. Chie spoke some colorful words.

“Moshi, Moshi? This is Harada Chie-san whom I speaking to?”

“Harada-san this Tate um I have a problem and situation kind weird. Shiho kind typing me up and now she went to convenience store buying something I think I don’t want knowing. Please me!” Tate sound desperate.

“Aoi-chan I think Tate in trouble and Shiho tying him up for kinky stuff.” Aoi raise an eyebrow and thinking Shiho isn’t capable of that.

“I hand to the girl for forward their relationship to next level.” Chie is thinking about asking Shiho some sex tips. “We’re busy now so call us later,”

“No, no please don’t hang up I need some-“

“Now we were at Aoi-chan? Ah I start getting the best sex ever tonight my lover,”

Later on after both have sex (Chie didn’t have chance to study oh well) “It great having your love one next to after intense lovemaking session.” Chie was in heaven. “Chie I wondering about our relationship you know where your fan club keep hitting on and that Hanako girl having crush on you,”

“Where you’re going at Aoi-chan? I hope our relationship isn’t on the rocks.” Chie is wondering. “I tend be playful but I never stray.”

“I not doubting on your faithfulness I kind jealous the way they paid attention to you and seem they don’t realize that I’m your girlfriend,”

Chie is momentary study her features. “What I say to them? Today I reject Hanako I’m aware her feelings toward me and told the truth about us. She probably understand in long run it a silly crush on her part,”

Aoi is amid in deep thought. “Chie you know time when we were at Fuka Academy and I had a major crush on you. At time you thought you were too cool for me?” Chie is slowly realizing where Aoi was going at.

“Once time I ask you on date and you turn me down because you’re afraid to ruin our friendship. I persist on and finally I kiss you front of the gym,” Chie have small smile for the memory. “You think it a silly crush for me pursuit you couple years of junior high school?”

“Well Aoi-chan I thought you were not interest in girls and I don’t want to hurt your feelings down the road,” Chie is stating her reasons.

“Don’t give me that. I know you too well for fall for it,” Aoi is staring at her. “But I still like you Chie-chan,” Aoi gently kiss Chie.

“We resolve our little problem,” Chie give a kiss to her forehead. “I feel go for another round of sex,” Chie one of her hands down on Aoi’s thigh. “Chie you never crease to amaze me,”

Next Morning both of them got dress (Chie is complaining for almost missing class due being exhausted from last night) and ate breakfast together.

“Harada-sempai, Harada-sempai come over here I want to speak to you,” Hanako was talking.

“Oh hello Hanako-san you want said something to me?” Chie ask. “It was about yesterday. I thought over what you said to and never considerate about your girlfriend. Also confuse my emotions of infatuation with love. You’ll accept apology?”

“I accept your apology, Hanako-san. Oh here is my girlfriend Senou Aoi-san.” Both shake their hands. “Hi Chie talked about you last night and you’re part of Student Newspaper I am right?”

“You’re right Senou-sempai and Harada-sempai compliment my being the best photographer in the paper,” Said Hanako beaming with pride.

“I see you good with what you do. Chie also said you’ve knack for taking pictures with keen eye,” Aoi express fondness of Hanako’s talents. “Good luck with the paper, Hanako.”

“Chie-chan she seem a nice person and have good impression on me,” Aoi comment. “Well I told her she look pretty and guys probably falling over themselves for her,”

Aoi stop and watch at Chie. “Why you did to that poor girl,” Aoi shooting ice diggers. “It just a compliment for Hanako you know, Aoi-chan.” Chie try explaining sheepishly. “It doesn’t matter Chie-chan that you’re flirting toward her but please don’t get your fan club any ideas,”

Aoi grabs her arms and walk toward their class.

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<b>Title</b>: Glasses and Cute Girl
<b>Fandom</b>: Mai-Hime
<b>Pairing</b>: ChiexAoi
<b>Rating</b>: K10
<b>Word Count</b>: 545

<lj-cut text="Glasses and Cute Girl">


Aoi feel safe around Chie


The first time they kiss, Aoi accidentally knock Chie’s glasses off


Aoi felt the softness of the blanket they share


Aoi give Chie some medicine for her headache


Chie watching Aoi peeling some potatoes


They ran across to their apartment after rain appears suddenly


Aoi found Chie’s secret stash of chocolate in the fridge


Chie enjoy seeing her girlfriend being happy


Chie glad hearing Aoi’s voice over the phone


Chie is all ears when she was the gossip queen at high school (It help
being a tabloid reporter)


Glasses is Chie’s pet name from Aoi


Aoi have strong sense of smell when Chie wearing her perfume


After hearing her grandmother die, Aoi lost someone very important to


The neighbors complaining about their loud lovemaking sessions every


They skin touching each other after sex


Aoi is weak for stuff animals


Chie let her cry at her grandmother’s funeral


“Aoi you’re driving too fast!” Chie never know Aoi was a speed demon


Aoi felt the wind whipping her face


Aoi loves Chie freely


Chie is enjoying life with Aoi


Aoi uncharacteristically feeling jealous when Chie talk to Shizuru (She
kind admit Shizuru was hot)


Aoi watching Chie typing on notebook pc, she just focus on the hands


Chie taste sweetness of watermelons when Aoi fed her


They’re devote toward to each other


Forever seems a lifetime but Chie like being at her side


Chie faints at sight of blood and Aoi wondering she have a phobia


Chie caught the flu and Aoi was taking care of her (It was fun playing


Chie surprising her by carrying a melody awhile singing


To Chie, Aoi is star to her eyes


They say a house is man’s castle, other hand it more fitting for both
Chie and Aoi


When they were both at high school, Aoi confuse feelings of friendship
and love


Chie was scare losing Aoi after she got in accident


The boom the of thunder causing Aoi to jump


The bond between them strengthen when they confess to one and other


Chie swear Aoi was giddy like happy housewife when they went grocery


Aoi threw Chie’s cell phone away and start unbutton her shirt


Chie give Aoi a teddy bear for her birthday


Chie is smiling when Aoi ditch rest of the clothes


Chie appreciates her girlfriend’s innocence


They complete each other


It perfect day for cloud watching for them


The clear skies help Aoi seeing the horizon


Chie glad Aoi was her heaven sent angel


“Let me guess, Fujino found out about you and Kuga,” Chie was grinning
at Nao


It beautiful sunny for a panic for Chie and Aoi


The moonlight wash over Chie’s form (It sight to see for Aoi)


Waves form when Aoi was in the water


“Why you dye your hair blonde?” Chie was baffle by Aoi’s new hair color


“Firework was great but too cliché for me,” Chie cynically commenting
to her fiancée

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