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Don't bet on it - Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal
Don't bet on it

<b>Title</b>: Don't bet on it
<b>Fandom:</b> Tekken
<b>Genre:</b> Humor

<lj-cut text="Sometime you better not betting">Jin walking on the school ground with standard Mishima High girls’ uniform after he lost a bet to Xiaoyu. “This is very stupid. Why the blue hell I agree with this,”

“Kazama-kun I feel sorry for you wearing that,” Comment Nobu one of his classmate. “Kazama is your fault for letting your pride getting the way of your personal judgment,” Said Megumi. Add to his personal humiliation the whole school watch him in sailor fuku doesn’t right on him (Some students took pictures on him with their cell phones.)

“Oh is very kawaii,” Comment Miharu. “Jin-chan is looking so feminine in that uniform,” Said Xiaoyu with hint of mischief. Jin wondering himself why agree this idiotic bet (Added his usual hair braided and pink thong riding on his ass.)

Let’s go back the day when Jin minding his own emo business and angst about why need his revenge against the Ogre but save that for another story. It was a sunny day, the birds singing their song, Xiaoyu hiding in the trash can. Jin thinking why she hiding in the trash can like person who brain went a personal two week vacation. He starts watching the sakura leaves falling and angst being him. “Jin! I want be your friend and save from your personal loneliness,” He like being anti-social and friend isn’t in his vocabulary. “What you want Xiaoyu?”

She hand him a bento personally made by her even have drawings of cute bunnies and panda bears. Jin stares at the bento and at Xiaoyu pondering wherever ditch her and run into the art room. He decides to resign his fate. “Um thanks Xiao,” She have stars on her eyes like a shoujo manga heroine. “Oh thank you for accept for lunch I made for you,”

After she left Jin want do a happy dance but be out of character for him. Jin heading for next class for the teacher in the class hating his guts because he grandson of Mishima Heihachi and she doesn’t likes guys whom hair breaking every law of physics. Jin seating in his assign seat and in horror that Xiaoyu was same class as he is.

“Oh great that nutty girl class same as me,” Jin look straight ahead at the board and just imagine a peaceful time in his life where he and Jun living in the woods without the insanity and fangirling by the collective female student body (And couple of guys.) No worries, no crazy Chinese girl, no moody days just him and the woods and then an eraser flying toward him and reflectively catching the eraser. Koriotome-sensei really hates Jin now.

“That is so cool! The way you caught the eraser like a superhero, blah, blah…” Jin tune out the utter craziness of way the girls leveling him some bishounen type hero almost every female otaku wish was real. The one solitude he found is sitting with his “friends” Nobu, Megumi, and Tai. “I-I can’t take it anymore! I want be alone,” Jin airing his frustrations. “I doubt it. They have “Kazama Jin is so sexy” Club in the school,” Jin is staring at Nobu and thinking about hitting his head repeatedly against the tree. “Kazama-kun just ignore him. Anyway tell Xiaoyu-kohei you won’t be bothering you and she’ll understand,” Megumi start to examine the bento. “It little childish and she seem a great cook,”

After Jin left, Nobu, Megumi, and Tai wonder how Xiaoyu react. “I kind worry that she’s the sensitive type.”
“Don’ worry she be all right and Xiao understand that Jin felt enclose by all attention he receiving,”

“I guess he can handle it. I hope you isn’t jealous because you used have feelings for him,” Comment Nobu offhand. “What you mean!!” Megumi surround by flames. Nobu is straining to control his bowl movements. “Mommy!”

Jin walk toward Xiaoyu and thinking what to say. Xiaoyu look up to Jin and smile at him. “Xiaoyu don’t bother me evermore,” Xiaoyu look shock. “J-Jin I don’t mean too…” Jin have disinterest look. “Never used the attention heap upon me,” She pout. “Also you annoying the hell of me,” Xiaoyu continue to stare at Jin. “I understand you try befriending me but I have my own problems to worry about,” Xiaoyu look at Jin one more time. “I sorry but I try help you,” He left her.

Xiaoyu look on ground and feeling depress. “Xiao-chan don’t worry he never used everyone paid attention to him,” Said Miharu with some reassure. “He was harsh toward me. I understand he can be moody at times but Jin was angry at me,” Xiaoyu is sighing. “I like be his friend and he only push the person that could help him.” Her mood felt downcast. “You could show him what fool he really is. Embarrass him and hurt his pride,”

“Michiru what is you’re suggesting?” Ask Xiaoyu inquiringly. “A bet of your choosing,” Xiaoyu is thinking for the moment. “I’ll do it!” Said Xiaoyu will some enthusiasm.

Jin is sitting on the bench thinking what he doing the right thing telling Xiaoyu that she smothering him. Xiaoyu sit next to Jin. He has irritate expression. “Okay Jin I want have a bet,” This pique his interest. “A bet you said,” Jin is studying her face. “Okay Ling what the bet?”

“I am not telling you Jin. You won’t find out until later on Jin,” He was stoking his chin with some concern. “When and where?” “At the arcade Saturday so don’t be late,”

What is unusual sight. Jin is smiling. This is few times in his life where he cracks a smile. Megumi, Tai, and Nobu stares at him if like the author hijack his usual personality. “Why you are smiling Jin? This unsettling even for you,” Ask Megumi “I finally go to ridding Xiaoyu out of my hair. I tell you that she kind some stalker-type trailing my every move,” Both Nobu and Tai have empathy understanding. “I and Xiaoyu have a bet I don’t know of but if I win she probably stop harassing me for while,” Megumi massaging her head and utter some unladylike words.

“You don’t know the hell you betting for!” Jin has a sheepish look. “Dear kami-sama you are truly an idiot.” Nobu and Tai are frightened by Megumi. “You let your damn ego butchering your common sense as you been raise in the woods,” Megumi sound piss. “Actually I have been raise in the woods for the first fifteen years of my-“

“It not the point you are blinded by your pride and now you dig yourself an hole you can’t even escape from,” Megumi finish her rant. “I think won’t be her bad side,” Comment Nobu.

Saturday is where otaku their usual ritual of shopping for some doujin, manga, and butt load of anime stuff. Jin walks into the arcade room with bunch of gamers playing the current hot games in Japan. There some students from Mishima High came watch Jin play against hyperactive Chinese school girl, Xiaoyu Ling. Jin scan the game room and figure he probably play some fighting games even he don’t how to play there. Both Nobu and Tai teaching him each day after school the fundamentals of gaming (Jin doesn’t understand what they saying of the video game jargon) Jin is sure of himself almost of point of overconfident.

Xiaoyu came in the arcade with Michiru, Miharu and some another girls. She has a wide grin on her face. “So you didn’t chicken out? It would hurt your masculine pride by being show up to a girl,” Xiaoyu taunted toward him. He looked at her with some lack of interest and ignores her. “What we are playing? So I want get over it,” Xiaoyu point one of the walls in the back. “DDR Jin,” Kazama Jin once in his life the elements of surprise caught him flatfooted. “Dance Dance Revolution? She got be kidding!” The girls have a conference as if they discussing yaoi fetish of the week.

“What are you discussing about?” Jin is asking to Xiaoyu. “I won’t tell you Jin,” They step onto the podium and pick they respect difficulty (Xiaoyu pick a song) Jin knows dancing kind like martial arts with the fluidity and balance to order achieve this with precise timing and with good feet or you’ll fall flat on your ass.

Jin follows the arrows on his side of the screen and at first he keeping pace with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu on the other effortlessly keep with the franatic pace of the arrows on extreme mode and chains with perfects.

Jin tries his hardest not made a fool of himself but he realize Xiaoyu is expert on DDR. Jin starts modifying his steps with Mishima-ryu style karate. He still far behind her and start missing arrows. The battle of epic potions (In sense) almost came to end when Jin lost his balance and fell on his butt. “I guess I won the bet,” Say Xiaoyu confidently.

Jin stand up the only thing hurting is his pride. “Xiaoyu I congratulate being better person. You was good-“Jin stop himself short and knows he isn’t good with flattery because he simply too brutally honest. “I accept defeat and whatever the bet is I agree with it,”

Xiaoyu is grinning from ear to ear. “The girls and I decide terms of the bet and is involves the girls’ school uniform and you must wear all day Monday.” Jin, Nobu, and Tai look absolutely shock. “You be fucking kidding with me, Xiaoyu!” Xiaoyu is shaking her head. “That we came up with and now you agree with it,” Jin want curse himself out. “Lucky Megumi didn’t came or she would chew him off for being a moron,”

On Monday morning before dawn Xiaoyu with Miharu and Michiru went toward his room and dress him. “Xiaoyu I looking so damn ridicule in this uniform.” Jin ranted. “You lost and accept the fact you were pwned,” Comment Michiru. “I thinking you look cute in a sailor fuku,”

“Not you too Miharu,” Jin felt so humiliate even before leave for the door.

The four rode in the limo (The limo driver look Jin strangely) they enter the school. Later the day after everybody watches Jin in the girls’ uniform and gawking at him, he enters the classroom. “Kazama-kun what the world you wearing a girl’s uniform?”

“It little complicate sir,” Say Jin respectfully. The teacher resumes the lesson. Later that day during lunch Jin, Nobu, Tai, and Megumi were talking. “Kazama-kun you should feel like a fool for accepting this bet and you has this coming,” Jin just staring at her. “You are kind little harsh on him, Meg-chan.” Megumi cringe at the honorific by Nobu. “Never mind Kazama-kun next time think with your brain not your damn pride,”

“It not too bad you’re halfway done and tomorrow going be back to normal,” Comment Tai optimistically. “Right that going to happened,”

“Jin-kun it possibly Xiaoyu likes you and it her way get attention toward you,”

“She join line with those crazy fangirls,” Nobu is thinking what to say next. “Nobu I understand your way of thinking but she a bit hyper and annoying but also she cares for me at point of smothering,” Comment Jin while trying pull down the short fuku (Jin added a mental point to kill Miharu for suggesting the pink thong).

Jin is back at the mansion after at staring, gawking, and some Kazama Jin is so sexy club members took some pictures of him for some stupid contest and finally Megumi’s lecture of being levelheaded even accept bets involving cross-dressing and school uniforms. He about take the uniform off at last moment he saw himself in the mirror.

Even he look ridiculous in the standard Mishima High girl’s uniform Jin pull off cross-dressing well almost but not the point Jin could get in touch with his feminine side and not androgynous enough being those bishie look like girls but they actually guys in shoujo manga. Honestly he too muscular to enable dress like girl. Mishima Heihachi few things in life surprise him. This is one of them. “Um grandfather this isn’t what you think,” Heihachi still stare at Jin. “I lost bet to Xiaoyu and I have wear this uniform for day,” Jin is blushing like an idiot.

Heihachi went and out didn’t say anything. “I want back to the helicopter,” Say Heihachi. “We just got back from America,”

 “Refuel and set this to France,”

“Um sir what is the reason?” Ask the pilot  “Find the cheapest wine so I get drunk on,” Heihachi is massaging his head and thinking the Mishima-Kazama clan is more fuck up than ever.

<lj-cut text="Sometime you better not betting"/>

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