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Leaves and Bunnies - Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal
Leaves and Bunnies

 <b>Fandom:</b> Rumble Roses
<b>Title:</b> Leaves and Bunnies
<b>Pairing:</b> Miss Spencer/Becky
<b>Rating:</b> G
<b>Disclaimer:</b> The characters of Miss Spencer and Becky doesn't belong to me they are belong to Konami

<lj-cut text="Leaves and Bunnies">
leaves that symbolize of changes. Since entering the Rumble Rose tournament few years back getting her wayward student Rebecca Walsh aka Candy Cane and brought her back to school.

Now after Candy Cane take her life around and graduate from high school she grew closer to her former teacher.

“Ms. Spencer you have been watching those leaves over past hour time take a rest.” Say Becky cheerfully. “Now I wrestle full-time with you and thanks to you preventing me becoming a delinquent or worse dead.” She gives a great big hug.

“Ms. Walsh I quite grateful for your appreciation for gratitude of your turnaround.” Ms. Spencer was in midst of memory.

“So what you’re thinking about?” Becky asks innocently.

Ms. Spencer closes her eyes of remembering each time how she had hand of transformation one Rebecca Walsh the former rebel.

“These times I can remember you were troublesome and trying keep you from cutting class. Also you disappear days in but I never give up you’re too precious to me my former student.”

Ms. Spencer gently kisses her on lips and watches more leaves falling down.

Becky looks up to her and smiles at the sentimental speech from Ms. Spencer.

Ms. Spencer stares at Becky and grows in love with her at snail pace and look at the young woman fondly with no regret.

“This is peaceful taking a break from wrestling, Ms. Spencer with no worries from the world. I wish this last forever.” Say Becky blissfully.

Ms. Spencer give a sigh reminding her childhood at her family farm when her parents struggling to keep the farm.

“I like enjoy the same wish with you but not everything last forever. I still love you all my being Rebecca I can’t promise you nothing but happiness.”

She is playing Becky’s hair and wondering about the future. Even their relationship is positive Ms. Spencer have some uncertainly thoughts on matter which weighting heavily in her mind.

“Ms. Walsh I enjoy your company today and I can’t express the words in my head at least I like our little picnic today. Wonderful time we do have joy for.”

Becky watches Ms. Spencer picking up the blanket from ground and folding it.

“I’m glad I with you, Ms. Spencer. Leaves watching is an interesting idea from you.”

Ms. Spencer is looking back at the tree in late autumn weather before winter claim is icy grip and reborn of spring the leaves represent her transform from teacher to wrestling superstar in few short years.

Also representing Becky transform from student verge of dropping out to respectable young lady that Ms. Spencer is proud of.

The leaves finally shed it last leaves until the next spring. 

<lj-cut text="Leaves and Bunnies"/>

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