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Teddy Bear Love - Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal
Teddy Bear Love

 <b>Title:</b> Teddy Bear Love
<b>Fandom:</b> Rumble Roses
<b>Threesome:</b> Candy Cane/Aigle/Makoto
<b>Rating:</b> G

<lj-cut text="Teddy Bear Love">Makoto feel a little depress from hard fought lost against Aisha. She almost won the championship but at the end Aisha just beat her.

“What with the long face Judo Babe?” Candy is asking her. “Because you lost that stuck-up diva doesn’t mean you’re a loser.” Candy is giving Makoto some reassurance for her lost.

“Thanks for your concern but I feel try my best and still come up short. I need getter stronger to prove myself and I think I let everyone down.”

Aigle was coming along and hearing the conversation between the two.

“Aigle think Makoto very strong person and very kind.” Aigle say in her weird way.

“Aigle is right in her silly way. Forget about tonight lost.” Candy replies what Aigle just said.

“You are right guys I shouldn’t feeling down about a match.” Makoto is smiling toward both Candy and Aigle. “Thanks for helping me.”

<lj-cut text="Teddy Bear Love"/>

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