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Tequila Sunrise - Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal
Tequila Sunrise

 <b>Title:</b> Tequila Sunrise
<b>Pairing:</b> Miss Spencer/Makoto
<b>Fandom:<b> Rumble Roses
<b>Rating:</b> R

<b>Disclaimer:</b> The characters of Muriel Spencer, Rebecca "Candy Cane" Welsh and Aihara Makoto doesn't belong to me they belong to Konami I just using their for entainment purpose

<lj-cut tex="Tequila Sunrise">Miss Spencer is waiting for Candy Cane outside a club.

“Miss Welsh told me about this address. I hope this is the right place.”  Miss Spencer is musing.

When she reaches at the door, the bouncer letting her with the others and gives subtle nod.

“I almost swear that the bouncer was look like a woman.” Miss Spencer starts wondering about the place.

The atmosphere fills with women dancing to each other some suggestively. She is thinking about lack of morals women display and shaking her head that they lacking decency and modestly.

After found a table to sit down and picking up a menu. One of the waitresses comes to Miss Spencer.

“I may take your order? This is your first time here?” The waitress sound cheerful toward Miss Spencer.

“I just need a glass of water.” The waitress’s eyebrow went up. “We don’t water serve here we either sell non-alcohol beverage or alcohol beverage.”

Miss Spencer looks surprise. “I could this one.” She point out her order.

“I may ask a question? Why so many women here?  Miss Spencer is asking quietly.

The waitress is looking Miss Spencer strangely. “No men allow in our club.”

Miss Spencer scans around the area to find Candy. “I want ask another question I’m at the right place?” Miss Spencer is asking nervously.

The waitress is smiling at Miss Spencer. “You’re at the right place the Lillian Palace.”

“As I thought tonight is ladies’ tonight I’m correct?” Miss Spencer is thinking about how the waitress response to her question.

“Well it is since this place where women being comfortable around each other without men harassing them.”

After the waitress left, Miss Spencer receives a drink from someone else.

“I didn’t order this. You must mistake me with someone else.” Miss Spencer is starting to protest.

“The lady over there was ordering for you. I wish my ex did it for me but no she cheated on me with my best friend.” The second waitress sound bitter and forget Miss Spencer was there.

“Oh excuse me I still upset about the break-up and arguing and sex after that even was wonderful but I never forgave Mandy what she done hurt me with Nicole…”

Waitress number two starting babbling about her therapist saying she’s too clingy and Miss Spencer finding her utterly and completely insane and move before she start her sob story.

“That poor woman her girlfriend cheating with her best friend…” Her brain register the words her girlfriend and then sudden realization that she was in a lesbian club.

“When I find Miss Welsh she’ll explain this why I’m this mess.” Miss Spencer is thinking the way getting out this place but she bump into somebody.

“Excuse I’m sorry for bumping into you.” Miss Spencer is apologizing to the woman.

“I glad I ran into you before you left.” Miss Spencer was seeing the woman as same height as her with brown hair and a sexy accent.”

“Nice to meet madam and is what your name?” Ask the mystery woman.

“Muriel Spencer and please let me pass so I can leave from this.” Miss Spencer sound angry.

“Since you told your name I’ll tell mine, Joan from Lyon, France. I like blondes like you.

Miss Spencer is starting feeling uncomfortable around Joan.

“I mistaken enter this establish this evening waiting for my ex-student of mine to come and seems she trick me.” Miss Spencer was trying her authority voice on Joan but it backfire.

“It sound sexy coming from you and I want to kiss you right now.” Joan is inching toward Miss Spencer.

A hand is touching one of Miss Spencer’s shoulders.

“She’s my girlfriend if you have a problem you going deal it with me.” Miss Spencer is recognizing the voice.

“Miss Welsh why take you so long to come here.” Miss Spencer sound furious.

Candy is wrapping her arm around Miss Spencer’s waist and staring at Joan.”

“I see you’re with her. I not go down without a fight.” Joan’s threat sounds nothing to Candy.

Candy is start passionately kissing Miss Spencer while feeling her up through her jacket.

Joan sees it as Candy continue making a scene in the club while Miss Spencer stun by Candy’s aggressive nature.

After few minutes of groping her way on Miss Spencer, Candy let her go.

“I guess she your girlfriend and she seem enjoying it. Excuse me I can find another blonde to flirt with.” Then she left.

“Miss Welsh what the meaning of this!” Say Miss Spencer angrily.

“I just save you from some psycho bitch bothering you.” Say Candy. “And oh I brought Makoto with me.”

“Well Miss Spencer I want show you this wonderful place and finding Judo Babe a girlfriend for her,” Say Candy nonchalantly.

Miss Spencer is looking at both Candy and Makoto and wondering the reason why Candy having her meeting this place.

“Hi Miss Spencer this is my first here I kind nervous in this kind environment and my parents’ reactions me coming out well…” Makoto is blushing.

“My mom fainted when she hear me being a lesbian and my dad sort accept me and my older brother Tetsu shook his head for unknown.”

Miss Spencer giving a sigh and pull her glass off thinking why she is here.

“And your being reason here Miss Welsh?” Miss Spencer is asking a question.

Candy is showing her teeth while smiling. “It a secret teach,”

After they found a table for three of them sitting down, Miss Spencer is eyeing Candy.

“Miss Spencer you need loosen up and stopping being uptight.” Say Candy. “Beside you need enjoying yourself once awhile.”

“Miss Welsh you know we are athletes now and shouldn’t drink alcohol we represent the Rumble Rose Federation at this moment.” Miss Spencer talking through Candy her lecture.

“Excuse Candy, Miss Spencer I just made 21 in this country and I don’t usually involving this activity but this one exception I make.” Makoto spoke her peace.

“Well you outvote 2 to 1 and I ordering some boozes.” Candy says.

“Miss Aihara I am disappointed in you for taking up Miss Welsh. You know you’re a good athlete and girls looking you as a role model.” Miss Spencer is talking to Makoto.

“Honestly I going drink in moderation anyway and I try forgetting an unrequited crush on someone.” Makoto confess her reason being in the club.

“Oh sorry Miss Aihara I never know you like somebody I just feel Miss Welsh try corrupts you.” Miss Spencer sound sympatric toward Makoto.

“How Miss Welsh found out about your sexually interest in women?” Miss Spencer asks.

“I ask advice for liking someone after our tag team match and Candy asking to describe the person and I told her.” Makoto turn feel embarrass. “Thinking she probably laughing at me but Candy actually told me her attractive toward women and she sexually experiences the girls at her former school.” Makoto blush even further.

“That too much information Miss Aihara and Miss Welsh tend bragged about things.” Miss Spencer is sighing for her former student brazen behavior.

“Well here is our drink.” Candy is announcing. “I got you Long Island Ice Tea Miss Spencer and here Makoto your drink I order something that you can handle.”

“What you have something for yourself, Miss Welsh?” Miss Spencer is asking Candy.

“Order myself some Tequila Sunrise with of dash of alcohol and top off with some Jack Daniel.” Say Candy.

Miss Spencer is almost coughing on her own drink. “That is crazy Miss Welsh!” Miss Spencer exclaim.

“I hope you won’t be drunk after tonight, Candy.” Makoto is sound concern.

“Don’t worry about me guys I used drinking alcohol beside not the main reason why I am here.” Candy replies to both of them.

“Miss Welsh I can’t understand you sometime. Maybe I have been too by book type all these years and maybe I need enjoy life some more.”

“That spirit Miss Spencer.” Candy gives Miss Spencer a pat on the back.

Miss Spencer start drink a little and coughing because she never use to drinking.

“Slow down Miss Spencer. I guess you haven’t a drink before.” Candy is about comment Miss Spencer’s drinking.

“Miss Spencer you are alright? You seem rushing your drink.” Makoto says.

“Sorry my body never use of alcohol in my system and I drank too fast.” Miss Spencer sound apologetic.

After a few drinks Miss Spencer starts getting a little tipsy. “That backstabbing bitch stole my college boyfriend and we were on the same wrestling team.” Miss Spencer angrily comment. “Ellen she also was my friend.”

“Uh Miss Spencer you have too much to drink we should leave and return to the hotel.” Makoto is start worrying about Miss Spencer.

“I wish Candy hasn’t left us.”

“Oh they are dancing y-you shouldn’t be uptight M-Miss Aihara and y-you n-need let loose.” Miss Spencer is slurring her words drunkenly.

“No wait Miss Spencer I feel uncomfortable in public you know I kind shy.” Makoto try plea to Miss Spencer.

Miss Spencer is dragging Makoto onto the dance floor and Heartbreak remix with Mariah Carey with Da Brat and Missy Elliott start playing.

Even Miss Spencer somewhat drunk (She still can’t dance) putting some moves and a reluctant Makoto taking the lead. The crowd start gathering and watch the two women dance while Miss Spencer groping Makoto blindly to her displeasure.

“I-I want cap this evening a kiss, M-Miss Aihara.” Miss Spencer inches toward Makoto’s face and Makoto feeling her breath on her face.

“Uh Miss Spencer this isn’t right.” Makoto try reasoning her. “You know what Miss Aihara you’re quite attractive for shy former Judo specialist turn wrestler.” Miss Spencer gives her a compliant.

“Uh thank I nobody told how attractive I was usually I told I was cute looking.” Makoto is blushing from the compliant.

Miss Spencer end up kissing her and also she slip her tongue in her mouth.

“Excuse Miss Aihara I feeling the need to throw up where is the bathroom?” Miss Spencer is heading toward the bathroom.

Makoto standing there face flushing and her first kiss involving French. “I-I share my first kiss with somebody slip their tongue into my mouth.” She starts screaming.

“Miss Aihara I’m sorry for my behavior tonight I wasn’t myself out there and I blame this on Miss Welsh and where she is at?” Miss Spencer is holding her head after drinking too much Long Island Ice Tea.

“Honestly this is my most fun I ever in long time.” Makoto say excitedly. “I hope I find Cindy tonight and talk about we did.”

“We should do this another time Miss Aihara it sound I asking on a date.” After few minutes of awkwardness Makoto replies back.

“Well the person I like that I told about to Candy earlier is you.” Makoto felt a less shy.

Miss Spencer is surprise to hear that she is object of Makoto’s crush.

“I am surprise to hear me being your crush.” Miss Spencer sound flatter. “At this moment I don’t know where take this.”

“Don’t worry I won’t force you to accept my feelings for you.” Makoto is reassuring to Miss Spencer.

When both went their respect hotel room, Candy emerges from her room.

“Good Makoto you the first take step to tell your feelings to Miss Spencer.” Candy says.

“Rebecca when you get back to bed?” Ask the mystery woman. “Joan I’m soon I catch my breath. I love your sexy accent.”

“You’re an animal in bed Rebecca.”  Joan purr and Candy jump back into bed.  

<lj-cut text="Tequila Sunrise"/>

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