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Remembrance - Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal

<b>Title:</b> Remembrance
<b>Pairing:</b> Chikane/Himeko
<b>Fandom:</b> Kannazuki No Miko
<b>Rating:</b> G
<b>Disclaimer:<b> The characters of Himemiya Chikane and Kurusugawa Himeko doesn't belong to me they belong to their respect owners

<lj-cut text="Remebrance"> Himeko is getting ready for graduation and looking at the seashell on her desk. In her heart she is waiting for somebody but struggle with the vagueness of the person’s face.

For past two years she is having dreams of that person trying remembering what she look like. Her mind fills with sorrow of lost love and regret.

“Earth to Hime-chan the graduation ceremony starting in few days and we still need find out what college we’re attending.” Mako is calling Himeko.

“Oh I’m sorry Mako-chan I just spacing out again. I don’t know I feeling some nostalgia something in the past with someone I can’t remember.” Himeko felt a little frustrate.

“You have been this for past couple of months now and seeing my best friend depress like this.” Mako is sound concern for Himeko.

“Don’t worry about me Mako-chan; I am too busy with photography club on this semester to take a break.” Himeko is lying to her.

Mako is studying her to seem if she’s telling the truth. Himeko is having trouble with her problems than she is letting on.

“Come to me if you want talk about your problems okay.” Mako is getting Himeko some reassurance.

After the day when fast, Himeko is sitting by the tree out of habit even she giving some déjà vu feeling. This held some memory to her continue to struggle with and have sense of feeling remembrance.

She is thinking part of her imagination recalling a phony memory where she coping with. The other half is reminding her that including her heart that she’s waiting on somebody she lost due to fate.

Before she left Himeko is bump into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry Souma-kun bumping into you.” Himeko is apologizing toward him.

“Himeko I the one should apology to you. I can’t find you anywhere today and I starting worry about you. I hear from Mako that you are stare into space at times and seem distract by something.”

Souma is looking at her and used liking her but she rejected him on her sixteenth birthday now they are friends. Himeko was seemed trouble by something and as a friend he is going find out.

“Souma-kun there something is missing in my life. You do remember the time that I rejected I told you there somebody for me.” Himeko start fidgeting. “For past few months I sensing someone off there for me and I feeling this void in my heart won’t go until I find this person.”

Himeko is waiting for a reaction from Souma.

“Himeko I understand that you seem trouble about your problem and this person that you try remember in your mind and in your heart.” Souma is trying finding the words to express his concern for her.

“Himeko sometime I think you need listen to your heart.” Shouma is giving her some advice.

“I don’t know Souma-kun just my heart is crying out for that person.” Himeko is saying in low voice.

Later that night Himeko is dreaming about something. She found herself looking an old shrine on the moon.

“My memory is telling me something a past memory I can’t recall.” Himeko muse. She studying the shrine and felt a sharp in her heart. Then it beat faster and feeling unknown sadness rose within her.

“Why I am crying? This intense sadness I can’t control.” Memories flooding in from the past and recently uncover. She saw a tall blue-haired girl smiling at her then the same girl kissing her lips when she was unconscious, varied points of memories involving some unknown enemies, summering a god, emotional pain, and fighting and killing the blue-haired girl.

Varied emotions are flooding into Himeko at end of the dream where she woke crying middle of night experiencing very painful mixture with some positive ones.

She left her bed and looking at her photo book. For two years staring at the picture where somebody supposes being in them. Himeko still deny those memories she have experience in her dream but deep inside herself she knew those buried memories.

A few days pass before the graduation Himeko is staring the sky thinking that dream and surface memories. The void in her heart is still there.

“You are right Himeko-chan?  You still look out of it.” Mako is worrying for her friend. “You are seemed quiet and withdraw.”

“I am thinking about our future and we never seeing each other after tomorrow graduation.” Himeko is sounding a little sad.

“We still keep in touch with each other through E-mail and old-fashioned mail.” Mako is comforting Himeko. “I’m going attend school in Kyoto even it far away from here but we always be friends and I value our friendship.”

“Mako you are sound you’ll miss me and I’ll never forget being your friend. I cherish the time being with you.” Himeko is starting to cry.

“Don’t cry Himeko-chan we always be friends until the end.” Say Mako while choking with emotions. “We’ve been friends since junior high school. A little distance won’t kill our friendship just remembering me kiddo.”

Himeko is smiling at her best friend and momentary forgotten the recover memories.

“Thank you for being my friend, Mako-chan.”

The morning of the graduation Himeko is checking herself at the bathroom mirror with her haircut in sign she’s moving on.

“Himeko-chan what happened to your hair?” Souma is asking her.

“Oh Souma-kun I just need a new look for myself.” Himeko is replying.

“Well Himeko-chan this unlikely for you to do this beside the point. It looks weird on you.” Souma sound regretful.

“Don’t worry I’ll be okay Souma-kun and we keep in touch with each other. Thanks being there for me since childhood.” She gives him a light kiss on the forehead.

After receiving their diploma that day they start talking among each other.

“This is it hard saying goodbye Himeko-chan but this first step toward adulthood for us.” Mako is saying seriously. “I start chasing my dream today and surge forward to the future. You on the other hand find that person whom ever fills your unfulfilled heart.”

Souma was looking at Himeko when thinking about his own.

“Souma I have thinking I could taking a picture all three of for last time.” Himeko is suggesting her idea.

“That a great idea Himeko-chan.” Say Mako with some excitement. “So you could have an ever lasting memory about us.

Himeko is setting up the tripod and set the camera on automatic order flash.

“Memories it easy to form and easy to forget but remembering somebody in your heart that last for eternal.”  Himeko is thinking her innermost thoughts.

A year later: I going reunite my love now I part this world.

Himeko is walking down in the streets of Tokyo.

“I don’t know but I’m feeling something going happened to me today,”

When light change she start walking until she saw a familiar person wearing a seashell.

“You’re real Chikane? I hope this isn’t a dream.” Himeko sound fearful.

“No is it Himeko I am real to you I suffer couple of years separation from you. Now void in our hearts fill and you never be alone Himeko. I love you bottom of my heart.” Chikane says.

“I never again we being torn apart from you, Chikane thank you for closing the void within me.

Both Chikane and Himeko have found each other in new world. 

<lj-cut text="Remembrance"/>

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