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Christmas Snow - Kamikaze Fanboy
My Writing Journal
Christmas Snow

<b>Title:</b> Christmas Snow
<b>Pairing:</b> Jo/Meg
<b>Fandom:</b> Burst Angel
<b>Rating:</b> G

<lj-cut text="Christmas Snow">“What this white stuff?” Jo asks. Meg doesn’t believe what Jo said.

“Snow Jo where falling from the sky.” Meg start explains to her. “It snows during winter cover the city in it.” Meg realize she have a brain cramp. “Oh I forgot you never saw snow in your life.”

Jo watch the people scramble for shelter. “Snow where fall on ground and people just avoid it.”

“No, no Jo some others like playing the snow and making snowmen.”  Meg watching Jo and small blush crept on her cheeks.

“You’re cold Meg?” Jo is asking. “Here my jacket.”

“It not that just Jo I’m thinking that you are cute.” Meg tries hiding her expression. Jo is looking at Meg with clueless look.

Both Jo and Meg are seeing people shopping for some presents for love ones for Christmas. Meg felt so sadness.

“What wrong Meg? You seem upset.” Jo shows some concern.

“I wondering I can remember my family especially my mother.” Meg have downcast look.

Jo feels some sympathy for Meg because she can’t remember her own past.

“You have me that matter and we’re together isn’t the point.” Jo reassure to Meg.

“Thank you Jo for comfort I need it.” Meg is giving Jo a hug.

Jo feels a little uncomfortable before hugging Meg back.

“We should look a job to order paying our rent and we are in the red.” Say Meg.

Jo smile at her companion being back her old self.

<lj-cut text="Christmas Snow"/>

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